Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brewerkz microbrewery and restaurant

Brewerkz microbrewery and restaurant is THE place for a beer in Singapore, in my opinion!A number of beers are brewed on site, including the award winning India Pale Ale (which won the World Beer Cup Gold Medal in the English style beer category in 2004).

Eight beers are available on draught (wheat ale, golden ale, Czech-style pilsner, Chinese rice beer, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Darkside Ale and stout).
Belgian beers (7-9%) are available in bottles and Brewberriez fruit beers are also available.
Prices vary according to the time of day. The happiest Happy Hour is between noon and 3pm when a pint of draught beer costs just S$3 (1.10 GBP / 1.60 Euros). Between 3pm and 6pm, a pint will cost you S$6, between 6pm and 9pm it will cost you S$9 and between 9pm and closing time it will cost you S$12.
Alternatively, jugs of beer (holding between 3 and 4 pints) are available. Between 3pm and 6pm, these cost S$15 (I believe they cost just S$12 between noon and 3pm) and S$22+ after 6pm.
Another popular choice is the "seven set sampler" - a chance to try, in small glasses, seven different draught beers.
During my stay in the city, I tried the entire selection of draught beers with the exception of stout which was unavailable at the time. My preferred pint was the wheat ale - a light beer, similar in taste to Hoegaarden - highly recommended!
There are numerous tables outside under a canopy, while the air-conditioned interior has large screen TVs showing live sports (including live English Premiership football on ESPN).An extensive food menu (generally of an American nature - with chicken wings, steaks etc) is available, but I found the food to be expensive so never tried it. No dress code - feel free to turn up in shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops!Update: I revisited Brewerkz in late March 2006 during a short stopover in the city and the beer menu had changed. The wheat ale (which I was really looking forward to drinking!) and a couple of the other draught beers had been replaced by 3 different brews, the closest of which to wheat ale was the "kolsch ale". It seems that different beers are brewed on a rotation basis.

Soup Restaurant @ Paragon

This was our dinner last Sunday at the Soup Restaurant, Paragon. It has been some time since we last ate here.
The Samsui Ginger Chicken that almost everyone orders. The first dish that came out, and almost immediately after our orders! The big portion of it, now served double deck.

This was a new dish that they advertise outside. Fish from the stomach area stir fry with chilli. It's quite tasty

The spicy fan su ye.

Pork Ribs

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Ink Club Bar

INK Club Bar is the perfect enclave for the hip and relaxed crowd. With interiors designed by renowned design firm Hirsch Bedner, expect a palette of rich colours like burgundy, crimson, royal blue, dark purple, black; lush fabrics like velvet and leather; supported by strong materials – wood, resin, stone and chrome.
Level 1
Raffles The Plaza,
80 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189560
MUSIC:Immerse in a repertoire of swing tunes with a blend of funky jazz, pop classics, R&B, acid jazz, and many more, brought to you by our resident band Indigo.
Catch them ‘live’ on Friday and Saturday from 9.00pm - 1.45am.
DRINKS:Soak your taste buds in our signature cocktails, including INK Perfection - a seductive mix of vodka, Blue Curacao, sourz apple and lime juice, whilst Mojito is a blissful blend of Golden Rum, lime juice, fresh mint and soda.
FOOD:No late night, heavy partying will be complete without assuaging ferocious appetites with a cornucopia of enticing bites such as Assorted Sashimi, Deep-fried Minced Prawns, Pizza Frutti di Mare, Crispy Calamari, and many more.
SPECIALTY:A sexy, relaxing, casual and stylish venue to be for chilling out, catering to a more mature crowd, offering personalised service and high quality beverages.
TYPE OF CROWD:A mature crowd, comprising Professionals Managers Executives Businessmen (PMEBs), both locals and expats.